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Appointment Setting Services

At Be connected we help businesses like yours connect with existing clients, as well as reach out new prospects and increase lead generation. Our appointment setting services ensure your team connects and stays connected with your current and future clients.

With our committed team of professional, Australian based telemarketers your business and brand are in good hands. Our team will represent your business well; setting appointments for you, and booking out your calendar.

Our Appointment Setter Focus

Ensuring we are being efficient and showing the results that matter to you, is important to us.

To be able to show results, we believe that it is important to understand your ideal customer; who they are and why they are interested in your services. This approach allows us to succeed and deliver valuable leads.

By understanding your business and customer, we make sure we talk to the right people and communicate your value proposition well to them.

Our focused approach warrant that appointments set on your behalf have the best chance to convert and your team is making the best use of their time.

"Telemarking is an important part of business expansion these days coupled with social media. Having used Telemarketing extensively a few years ago and being aware of what was available, I was looking for a new, young, energetic company that was keen to work hard for results. Be Connected not only worked hard to deliver the results, they shared valuable insights and advice throughout the process."
Jeff Neale
Multibiz Solutions

Is Outsourcing Appointment Setting Right For Me?

We hear this question a lot, and the answer is; depends. The biggest reason to outsource your appointment setting is if the value you get outweighs the cost. If it does, then it is absolutely worth it.

You can do appointment setting in-house, but if you are not achieving the same results; there might be a better use of your teams’ time.

At Be Connected, we deliver high-quality results and allow your team to do what they do best; talk to qualified leads.

We have the experience, tenacity, skills, and personality to get hold off decision makers and connect them with you.

We connect your ideal customer to your business.