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Lead Generation Service

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is all about connecting your future customers to your sales team. The way you find your ideal future customers is by calling potential leads and finding out whether they are the right match for you and what their needs are. We’ll qualify all leads and ensure you are talking to the right people. Every time.

How we can help

Our telemarketing services stand on the strong foundations of effective lead generation.

We will develop a unique and tailor-made lead generation campaign for your services or products. Depending on the approach you’d like to take, we will generate leads either directly from cold-calling or calling leads you’ve communicated with previously.

"Telemarking is an important part of business expansion these days coupled with social media. Having used Telemarketing extensively a few years ago and being aware of what was available, I was looking for a new, young, energetic company that was keen to work hard for results. Be Connected not only worked hard to deliver the results, they shared valuable insights and advice throughout the process."
Jeff Neale
Multibiz Solutions

What makes our lead generation services unique?

If you have a successful lead generation campaign, you’ll grow your business. That do us, is what we are all about. Our success is directly influenced by yours.

That’s why we make our business all about your business.

The key to our successful lead generation services is writing powerful sales scripts. We craft our scripts by immersing ourselves in your business. We’ll meet with you and ensure we understand your services and products, as well as your ideal customers.

Once we have all the information we need, we create sales scripts and start making calls.

When a potential client shows interest, we walk them through what makes your business the perfect solution to their needs.

We become your brand evangelists by understanding your services, products and brand.

At the end of the day, your goal is to bring in more business. Our high-quality lead generation services ensure your calendar is full with qualified appointments ready to be converted into clients.

Don’t worry about your lead generation; let our appointment setters do the heavy work for you.