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Telemarketing Service

Can I increase sales with telemarketing?

Let’s be honest; before considering this service, this is a very important question to ask; we are here to answer that question for you and show you the results waiting for you.

Telemarketing services can be the answer to your business growth needs; as long as the campaign is running properly. A well-developed telemarketing campaign, with a skilled communicator leading it, will allow you to reach into markets you’ve been unable to capture.

Directly communicating with potential clients and learning what their needs are, and how you can help them, is what we are all about.

"Before engaging Be Connected Marketing, we were becoming frustrated with a number of things with our current telemarketers. They were hard to communicate with and we were not happy with the leads and the reporting format. From the start Be Connected Marketing were professional and easy to communicate with. Be Connected Marketing provided quality leads with detailed notes in the reports. They provided quality information that allowed us to get to know our customer and make informed decisions on how to serve them."
Lucy Nguyen
AdvanceVision Technology

Should I Outsource appointment setting?

We customise our campaigns to ensure your potential leads are nurtured from the start. From lead generation to appointment setting and surveying, we’ll ensure we represent your business well.

When it comes to telemarketing, many businesses are concerned that telemarketing will damage their brand. Many problems with telemarketing originate from the lack of understanding of Australian culture or the benefits your company brings to the potential clients.

Our Australian based team will communicate your unique value to your potential clients; you are in good hands.